Located in Portland to Serve You BetterTerminals on display


What makes Portland Merchant Services Store different (and better):

  1. Local service, on-site help when needed – not a frustrating 800 number.
  2. Interchange plus pricing designed to save you money on each transaction.
  3. Free paper for your terminal delivered to your place of business.
  4. Free loaner terminal in case yours breaks down.
  5. Fifteen years of experience put to work for you.
  6. A retail store to back up our service commitment. No one else offers this.

Pricing Information:

  1. Pricing format is interchange plus.
  2. Rates guaranteed not to change.
  3. Next day funding available, Friday and Saturday to Monday is standard.
  4. AMEX transactions settle in the same batch as V, MC, Discover.

Over 300 companies in the Portland area use our service. Local customer references provided upon request.

Give us a call at 503-235-6700, or visit our merchant services store at 1222 SE 7th Street, Portland, OR 97214.