At Portland Point of Sale our goal is to provide business owners with a selection of affordable, high quality POS systems. We recognize that many businesses would prefer to have a system but the cost is prohibitive. Fortunately, we have a solution to that problem. Our systems cost much less than others yet incorporate the quality
needed to ensure proper operation and longevity. Check out our site, visit our store, or call us if you would like to know more.


Our centrally located retail store takes service to another level by giving you the opportunity to see the systems, investigate the various options, and discuss financing for your situation. Our involvement and partnership in the local Portland business
community is a testament to the desire we have for the success of your company.

Portland POS is a proud member of CEIC and Hollywood Boosters. Key partners include pcAmerica, POSsible POS, Jory, Touch Dynamic, Epson, and MacPCX.


My name is Ron Stark and I own Portland Point of Sales Systems. I started this company to provide what banks and other processors have failed to — honesty, transparency, choices, and above all, high quality local service. After fifteen years of experience in this industry I believe the time is right for a better way to service businesses and I want to put that philosophy to work for you.